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Newcomer needs a tour guide…….to see the wall ~yay archaeology~


Newcomer needs a tour guide…….to see the wall ~yay archaeology~

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looking for a murder weapon like

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girls don’t like boys girls like all-female super hero teams

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Navvy wanted a thing so this is as much as I’m gonna do for now.

Why does this stupid thing have 100 notes what hte fuck



Navvy wanted a thing so this is as much as I’m gonna do for now.

Why does this stupid thing have 100 notes what hte fuck

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I get pumped around the end of August. WHAT YOU ARE SEEING IS RESTRAINT

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has this been done or

Raymond is

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domestic monsters! (。♥‿♥。)

the witch who likes to have neighborhood parties, and she uses her magic to make the nights memorable and wild, summoning galaxies between her palms and conjuring dragons to tell jokes

the vampire who is a terrible roommate, because he leaves cookbooks featuring high-iron diets on the counter and buys a bunch of red meats that fill up up the shared fridge

the werewolf who works as a veterinarian during the week and shops on the weekend for cute pastel clothing, because their claws sometimes rip up their blouses and skirts and dresses

the siren who sings in smoky bars at night and in her shower in the morning, carefully cleaning her scales under the cold water, and the chill reminds her of the deep ocean

the harpy who paints his talons a wonderful shade of mint green, because he just wants to relax and try his new makeup and watch some awful movies on his night off

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can you imagine apollo and clay going to the movies to see guardians of the galaxy? like in 2014 they would be about 10 years old and going to see this super cool movie about space and clay freaks out because they call people from earth terran and his last name is terran and apollo is like “woah you must be a superhero then” and they go back to clay’s house and pretend to be superheroes in the backyard.

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it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine


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labyrinthia’s finest bakers


labyrinthia’s finest bakers

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so the other week i finished pl vs aa

honestly i do not regret buying this at all

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